G8 LMW (Consulting) are an RF and Wireless consultancy group

specialising in 

  • Wireless and RF Systems Consultancy
  • Wireless and RF Design and System Integration,
  • 3D CAD/CAM and prototype engineering facilities.
  • Microwave and RF antenna solutions
  • Specialist Wireless Overt and Covert Security Systems and Installation knowledge, Audio, Video and Data/GPS
  • UHF - Microwave Antenna Systems Design and Test facilities.
  • RF Propagation, EMC and drive test solutions. Mobile Networks.
  • Wireless IP systems and solution engineering.
  • Spectrum, Signal  and Network analysis facilities, and RF Calibration Service
  • Partnerships and solutions with Industry leaders.
  • Support and upgrade services for LMW ELECTRONICS products and solutions
  • Security Cleared NPPV